Terra Nova TV Show – Dinosaurs Go Prime Time

Terra Nova TV Show – Spielberg Returns To TV And Brings Dinosaurs Back

Dinosaurs Toys - Terra Nova TV ShowThe Terra Nova TV Show will be airing on Fox this Fall and is likely to be a big hit with dinosaur lovers and sci-fi fans alike.

Steven Spielberg returns to TV with Terra Nova so get ready for some cool dinosaurs to appear on prime time TV.

The Terra Nova premiere is slated for Monday September 26 at 8 PM.

With all the buzz surrounding the Terra Nova TV Show new interest in dinosaurs will be sparked. Hopefully some new dinosaurs toys will hit the market. It is hard to imagine toy companies ignoring such an opportunity.

 Watch The Terra Nova Trailer

A TV Show That Takes You Back 85 Million Years To When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth

The Terra Nova TV Series is set 85 million years ago during the Cretaceous Period when Dinosaurs ruled on earth. This was the height of their reign when species like the ever popular T Rex and Triceratops developed. The landscape was filled with cycads and palm trees and mammals and flowering plants began to develop.

Some of the dinosaurs the Terra Nova TV Show will feature will be real dinosaurs from that period, while others will be sparked by the writers imagination and created with some help from consulting paleontologists.

Dinosaurs Weren’t The Only Thing Going Extinct

This series takes place in the not too distant future. The year is 2149 and presumably mankind has failed to deal with global warming and environmental pollution and is on the verge of extinction.

A one way time machine is developed as a last-ditch effort to save humanity by sending them back 85 million years to establish a colony called Terra Nova.

Unfortunately the site they choose is right in the middle of a bunch of hungry carnivorous dinosaurs. Will new dinosaur toys come to market and will mankind survive or will it wind up being a Happy Meal for hungry dinosaurs? We will just have to watch the Terra Nova TV Show and see.