Discovery Dinosaurs – Dinosaur Revolution

Discovery Dinosaurs – Dinosaur Revolution A Real Treat For Dinosaur Lovers

Discovery Dinosaurs -  Dinosaur Revolution

Dinosaur Revolution promises to delight fans of Discovery Dinosaurs and dinosaur lovers in general.

The four-hour series will be aired on the Discovery Channel in two parts

The premiere of Dinosaur Revolution is set for September 4 from 9-11 p.m. EST and again the following Sunday, Sept. 11.

Dinosaur lovers will also be treated Steven Spielberg’s Terra Nova on FOX starting Sept. 26.

Dinosaur Revolution Will Steal The Show

For true dinosaur fans, Dinosaur Revolution will steal the show this Fall since the series is just about dinosaurs while Terra Nova is a series about establishing a settlement in Dinosaur Land. There will be no human drama mixed into Dinosaur Revolution to distract you. In fact Dinosaur Revolution uses brilliant CGI imaging and limited narration to create a very compelling story about dinosaurs and nothing else.

Dinosaur Revolution – Science or Speculation

Is Dinosaur Revolution really science? It seems to me that a lot of what is presented is pure speculation. We are continually learning about dinosaurs and we can observe their descendents and animal behavior in general. Yet we will never actually be able to watch living dinosaurs or their behavior and after watching  the trailers some of what is shown seems highly speculative.

Dinosaur Revolution – Meet T Rex

Here’s a peek at Mr. T  Rex. Please be advised that this video is very graphic and may be disturbing especially to young children. Dinosaur Revolution attempts to be extremely realistic and you may not ever look at dinosaur toys in quite the same light.

Did Tyrannosaurus really have testicles? Did dinosaurs really trip out on psychedelic mushrooms or did the creators of  the Discovery Channel’s Dinosaur Revolution get into a batch? I think there is a lot more speculation in Dinosaur Revolution compared to other Discovery Dinosaurs shows and it is not true science. The creators make some guesses about dinosaur behavior that may be spot on, but some will probably not be. Since no one has been there many will remain just guesses.

Although I am not a scientist I remain skeptical about the scientific validity of what is depicted. On the other hand being a dinosaur lover, The Discovery Channel Dinosaur Revolution does offer incredibly animated and realistic dinosaurs and that in its own right is reason enough to love Dinosaur Revolution.