Animal Planet Dinosaurs – Big Tub Of Dinosaur Toys

 Animal Planet’s Big Tub of Dinosaurs

Animal Planet Dinosaurs - Big Tub Of Dinosaurs Toys

Animal Planet Dinosaurs gives you a big tub of dinosaurs toys and a play mat too.

Each set of animal planet dinosaurs toys  includes:

  •  9 Dinosaurs
  • 2 Volcanos
  • 12 Rocks,
  • 6 Trees
  • Storage Tub
  • Play Mat


Perfect For Young Dino Lovers

Kids love dinosaurs toys and Animal Planet’s Big Tub of Dinosaurs is great for kids aged 3 years and up.

One of the great things about Animal Planet is the 16.5″ L x 11″ W x 9″ H tub they come in. This makes storing and cleaning up their dinosaurs toys a snap.

The Animal Planet play mat is about  38″ L x 28″ W and the Animal Planet dinosaur toys themselves range in size from about 5″ to 12″. The dinosaurs are sturdy and well made and have their names written on the underside.

This big tub of dinosaur toys is a great play set for young dino lovers. It will foster active and creative play as they arrange the prehistoric landscape and the dinosaurs and move them about.

The portability makes it easy to take the set with them and easy to set up or clean up. The dinosaur toys are sturdy and should last a long time. There’s nothing to break and no batteries to buy and Animal Planet Dinosaurs are attractively priced.

Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars – Great Dinosaurs!, August 30, 2003
MrsMonday (PA) – See all my reviews
= Durability:5.0 out of 5 stars = Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars = Educational:5.0 out of 5 stars
Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
This review is from: Animal Planet’s Big Tub of Dinosaurs (Toy)
My 4 year old son saw this same set at a neighbor’s house and he didn’t want to put them down! LITERALLY! (We had to carry him home screaming apologizing profusely for his behavior to everyone) Even days after, he wanted to go over and play with them. But the screaming episode afterward kept bugging me and didn’t want to go through that again.
So I asked my neighbor where she got them and logged on to to find them. The local Toys R Us were sold out.
For less then $25- it’s a great collection.
With so many dinosaurs in various sizes, trees, rocks, volcanos and a playmat in a great carrying case- I couldn’t resist to get them.
We took them to the beach just last week and there were 3 other kids ranging in ages of 2 to 5 and we were amazed how quiet they were playing with them. Only problem was getting them back from them when it was time to come home. It was their turn to scream =)
The names of the dinosaurs are underneath them, so if Mom and Dad can’t remember which is which, flip them over and with confidence call out the name. Therefore impressing the kids to the end of the earth. “Mom you are so smart” my son once told me. Hey, it felt good!
And soon you and the kids will be able to recognize their names without peeking.
Great gift for all ages and he continues to play with them months later. ahhh peace and quiet.

Source: Amazon customer reviews

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